WIW: Grey, blue and brown, 2 times

Twice in the last week I ended up with light grey semi-tucked into ... I guess I can call these boyfriend jeans, with my brown belt and thus brown Birks.

(The updo in #1 was completely unsuccessful and fell out about 15 seconds after I snapped that photo.)

In #2 you can see my new sunglasses, but my face looks oddly 5 miles long.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Usually I wouldn't pair grey and brown, but ... 


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New handknit and Outfit Lab

Outfit Lab? Is that what we call it here when we're looking for help fixing / deconstructing a piece/outfit? 

Anyway. This tank is my newest handknit, in reclaimed hemp/cotton (60/40). 

I'm not happy with it, for a number of reasons. Hopefully it won't fit me next summer, so I'm trying to decide if a) I should do a couple quicker fixes, b) redo the whole thing to fix larger problems or c) it's not worth it for such a short time of wear / it won't make it fab enough to make it worth all that work.

I put my hair up for the pix so you can hopefully see the tank a bit better.

Problem 1: the armscye is way too large/low, requiring a cami (here), which defeats the purpose of a loose light summer tank. To fix this, I'd rip out the top third or so and rejigger the math. 
Problem 2: the bottom edge curls up (not easy to fix, even if I start over completely).
Problem 3: I don't think there's enough contrast in the hi-lo / left-right of the hem.
Problem 4: The high side of the hem feels too high.
Problem 5: It's just not as flattering as I hoped. Would making it larger at the bottom help this? I didn't grade between sizes, instead hoping it was designed with enough ease that it would be OK, but I'm not sure I was correct.
Problem 6: Is the neckline dramatic enough to even be noticeable? Should it be deeper? Should it be symmetrical instead?

The first photo is the pattern photo. (Nice concentration face in pic 5, eh? Ack.)

Edit: I added another photo from a different vantage point so you can hopefully see the hem better.


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WIW to Railroad Days and a normal day

Saturday we took a day trip to Railroad Days — 2.5 hours in the car followed by very crowded train displays at several locations, in the heat (it got up to 95°) and then back home.

I threw on a baggier pair of jeans, which necessitated the belt. And a lightweight cotton tank. Brown Birks from a few years ago. I added the hat and scarf for sun protection (and sunglasses, but they're not pictured).

And then today's outfit, just staying at home with the 3-year-old, mostly. I've always hated this tee, because of the raglan lines, but I like the volume over these somewhat slimmer jeans. 

Also, trying out the semi-tuck.

Thoughts? I don't really feel like I'm expressing myself today, especially, but it does work for my day.


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New Specs

After hearing echoes of how the top I posted yesterday matched my eyeglass frames, today I picked up my new frames. (I have to laugh, right?)

I generally get new frames every year or so, and I like to switch it up. 


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WIW: New summer knit top

I feel a bit like an imposter because here I am posting and I haven't been around in ages (although I've lurked and read some the past few months, but enough about that, let's get to the clothes, shall we? 

I knit this top out of cotton reclaimed from a thrifted sweater. (details about the pattern, etc., on Ravelry, here.

1) Does it work? I'm new to the volume-on-top thing, and this intentionally has positive ease.
2) What would you change, if anything? About the top, about the outfit? 
3) I'm hoping to make at least one more summer top, and I can't decide. Should I go more fitted? Is a halter top (is that even the right term? racerback?) a really bad idea?

Here are the patterns I'm most considering.


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WIW to Grandma's funeral

Last week was crazy and chaotic. I meant to get photos, but in all the rushing I mostly didn't get them taken. DH did snap this one after the service, though (and before the graveside). 

What with the child carrying and the cropped photo, you can't see the full outfit, but: 

Black wide leg trousers, with black heeled penny loafers. 

Notes: This was a very rural/country funeral. I gave the eulogy and was dressed completely appropriately. The tot has a button-down shirt on, but the jacket was needed for warmth outside. My wool/silk shawl kept me warm enough, though.


WIW and hate the pics of ...

 ... but thought I'd done well with at the time.

Ugh. On Friday I went to a friend's house to teach some other moms to knit and crochet. All the non-school-age kids were there, too. I wanted to look knitterly and vibrant, and I thought I actually looked at least decent.

For a variety of reasons, I didn't actually see the photos until this morning (reinstalled OS, Grandma in the hospital dying, family coming and going, sick tot ...). 

It was cold, so I wore a jacket, too, for the coming and going (not pictured).

I guess I'm out of words for the moment, so here you go. 


WIW, the first

I found this site last week, and was immediately down the rabbit hole, consumed. The reading I did that day (last Tuesday, I think) gave me the idea to pair this (hand crocheted, years ago) skinny scarf for both the somewhat bolder color and maybe a hint of a V over the pastel (I realized I've kind of quit wearing pastels, which I used to look fab in; maybe I'm just over it, or maybe my hair darkening has made them less ideal?) crew neck, which I wasn't very happy with when I donned it.

I put the scarf on to take the tot and head to a friend's house for a play date slash knitting and adult conversation time.

Did my fix work, at least partially? Other thoughts?

(I'm still figuring out how to take pix if they happen after DH leaves for work ...)