Hair conundrum

I've been growing my hair out, and I'm still happy with that plan. 

But in the summer (which we have several months of) I can't stand having my hair heavy on my neck. I default to ponytails or messy pseudo-buns, because they're easy, quick and effective, but I don't like how I look with my hair pulled back so severely.

I recently started attempting some other up-dos, but so far I haven't found any that work with my hair length and/or moderately long layers.

I need a cut (it's been a number of months that I'm embarrassed to admit), but all the pictures I can find of hair roughly my current length or a bit longer that are either a) impossible for my hair b) would require tons of time making it happen every time or c) all look the same, assuming I don't spend hours applying heat and products in front of the mirror (which I don't).

My hair is coarse and very thick. Mostly straight with just a little unpredictable wave. I have TONS of it. Since late high school, when I discovered the magic of layers to help combat the weight of my hair (and Triangle Head), I've never been without. 

So. Are there up-dos that will work with layered hair? Will it be more feasible when my hair's a few inches longer? 

And are there medium-length cuts/styles that won't take me backwards in terms of growing it out, but that are still interesting? Also: No bangs.

#1: My hair now. (Oh yeah, I'm growing out color too, but I'm mostly fine with how that is at this point. Not eager to go chopping it off to get rid of the red; I'm enjoying the length too much.)
#2, #3, #4: My hair now (#4 is from March, so more in-between times).
#5: Right after my last cut. 
#6: The photo I took in for my last cut. Could I stick with this inspiration, just longer?
#6: Another one that looks basically like #5, just longer, and modeled with thinner hair. And I probably wouldn't part in the middle.

Here's my pinterest board of hair.

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  • Jenn replied 8 years ago

    Have you tried a stretchy headband with your updos (or even alone) for summer? I like the kind that look like scarves, but are actually stretchy, so they're less fussy. Some color can help mitigate the severity of pulled-back hair, and sometimes just having one in with your hair down lifts it up off your neck enough to make it more comfortable. They also help contain the layers.

    My hair is shorter than yours, but the third photo is me wearing one for a hike earlier this month.

  • Word Lily replied 8 years ago

    I got a couple of those last month, Jenn, and they work sometimes. I actually think I like my plain cotton bandanas or handmade ones better, though. Just went and put one on, we'll see ...

  • replied 8 years ago

    I'm the same as you. Round face and lots of hair (any hairdresser I go to always says I have by far the thickest hair they've ever dealt with).

    The only thing I've come up with is to have shorter pieces near the front and to leave them hanging out of the messy bun/pony tail.

    You have beautiful hair- a great asset. Don't cut it too short!

    Any haircut I've had always ends up looking the same as the last except for the length. I like just above shoulder length because it doesn't take so long to blow dry.

  • kerlyn replied 8 years ago

    Your hair is lovely! I have the unpredictable wave too, so I can sympathize.  I'm in a similar situation, long hair but wanting it off the neck in the heat.  I tend to do lots of ponytails and buns, but I think I look better with some volume around the face.  So I'll usually pin back the top section (where bangs would normally be) in a soft, loose "bump". Not too high! Or else I twist small sections or braid small sections away from my face, and then I put the rest up in a bun. I loosen the twists or braids quite a bit to give them volume.  And pull out a few strands around the face to soften it.  It's taken some experimentation, but I think I'm finally figuring out a few styles that are flattering.  Hope you find some good ideas that work for you!

  • celia replied 8 years ago

    You have beautiful hair. Mine is thin but there is a lot of it and it is very long. I tried bangs for some time but found that they would get messy during the day which defeated the purpose. I have opted for side braid.
    If you do a shorter layer surrounding your face do you think that the ponytail and updos would look softer?

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