WIW and hate the pics of ...

 ... but thought I'd done well with at the time.

Ugh. On Friday I went to a friend's house to teach some other moms to knit and crochet. All the non-school-age kids were there, too. I wanted to look knitterly and vibrant, and I thought I actually looked at least decent.

For a variety of reasons, I didn't actually see the photos until this morning (reinstalled OS, Grandma in the hospital dying, family coming and going, sick tot ...). 

It was cold, so I wore a jacket, too, for the coming and going (not pictured).

I guess I'm out of words for the moment, so here you go. 

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  • replied 9 years ago

    You look lovely in that shade of blue, and I love your scarf! I am sorry that things seem rough right now.

  • Von replied 9 years ago

    Did you make that colorful wrap you're wearing? The colors on you are just gorgeous, and I'm sure it goes with a lot. Post more pics of it if you can! I'm a self proclaimed yarn junkie and project procrastinator. I never finish anything! 

  • Word Lily replied 9 years ago

    Yes, I knitted the shawl/wrap. I'm wearing hand-knit socks, too. :) That shawl is definitely happy-making for me. Here's the shawl laid flat, but before I blocked it: 

  • Windchime replied 9 years ago

    You DO look "knitterly and vibrant" in this pic! As Ceit said, that shade of blue is lovely on you, and your scarf is a wonderful accent. We are our own worst critics, for sure.

    I hope your child is better and that your grandma's death is peaceful.

  • Amy replied 9 years ago

    You look great--just perfect for the occasion. I hang out with a lot of knitters and you'd fit right in.

    That shade of blue is wonderful with your complexion. Your shawl is lovely! Don't be so hard on yourself!

  • Word Lily replied 9 years ago

    I do like that color on me. 

    Thanks, Windchime. The babe is much better, and I'm praying Grandma passes soon (so the process and suffering aren't drawn out longer than they already have been).

  • AviaMariah replied 9 years ago

    That shawl is gorgeous!!  I love the colors in it and the blue of your sweater. I know how you feel about the WIW's though.  When I first started taking them I wanted to stop because the process was so depressing.  Outfits that I had felt were fab were not quite so in the pics.  I guess that's one reason it's such a useful tool.  But you also have to remember that not everything come through correctly in pictures.  Sometimes you just get a bad angle or don't see the movement of the fabric.  So take that into consideration too.  I have friends who have have tried to get me to learn to knit but I've never really been tempted until seeing your shawl.  Just saying.  :)

  • Word Lily replied 9 years ago

    I shouldn't be surprised, I suppose, since I don't like photos of me the last few years, regardless. But yeah, it's tempting to just quit until I can figure out how to fit exercise into my days again and get the extra weight off.

    That shawl? One of the very few things that, when I saw the pattern, I knew I HAD to make it. I went and bought yarn and cast on soon. And I loved the knitting process, and I still love the finished product.

  • Suz replied 9 years ago

    You look warm, knitterly, and vibrant, just as you wished to look. Those colours are super flattering on you. So sorry that you are going through a rough time. That always affects our self-perception. And it's tough taking pictures at first anyway. Hang in there. 

  • kellygirl replied 9 years ago

    I agree with Suz. You look just the way you wanted to be perceived. The shawl is gorgeous. I'm sorry you are going through a difficult time right now. I think taking pics is an invaluable tool. It taught me a lot--quickly!

  • replied 9 years ago

    The top color is lovely on you! Don't hate the pics - when things are rough you need to give yourself more internal hugs and you look more put together than most would in similar circumstances. And your knitting skills speak for themselves!

  • E replied 9 years ago

    So sorry about your rough times. :( *hugs*

    You do look knitterly and vibrant though. And there are *so* many factors affecting how you look in a picture, from whether the camera was zoomed in to the lighting to what angle it was at to how you pose that I wouldn't take any photo to heart. I used to be terribly unphotogenic-having 2 or 3 chins in every photo, as well as no eyes ever, hehe-(even my mother agreed and she's always the sweetest person ever) until we had a family portrait planned in 2008 and I spent the months leading up to it reading advice for posing and practicing with my camera, because I knew it would hang on the wall in some prominent place for years (it's still there). Between that and now becoming more interested in photography and reading about how to take portraits, I've picked up enough tips & tricks to be reasonably content with how the pics turn out most of the time, but I'm sure I look ridiculous preparing for a photo to be taken. Anyway, my point is, do not think that just because you don't like how you looked in a photo you looked like that in real life!

  • carambola replied 9 years ago

    Just wanted to chime in with love for your shawl. It's a perfect complement for that color blue, which is gorgeous on you!

    I almost always find pictures of me less flattering than how I thought I looked in the mirror, so I definitely relate to this!

  • Scarlet replied 9 years ago

    But you do look knitterly, vibrant, and much more than decent! I also think your hair and make-up is working great here. The colors are just wonderful on you.

  • shedev replied 9 years ago

    your shawl is lovely. I'm sorry you are having a tough time. Photos can be a great tool, you can take them and not post if you want to. All ages and body types are represented here and I promise it does get easier if you do continue to post pics.

  • deb replied 9 years ago

    You look fine, teacher like. You are too young to be 'knitterly'.

  • Debra replied 9 years ago

    Lovely colours, gorgeous shawl and a pretty smile, you look great.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your creations :)

  • Neel replied 9 years ago

    Cute scarf!  And you do look so warm and cozy for some knitting time!  The sweater's blue is lovely on you.  And I agree with everyone who said the angle and height of the camera can affect the way a person looks in a picture.  And it is definitely not the way you actually looked.  We hardly ever stand still posing in real life :)

  • peacechick replied 9 years ago

    You don't look bad at all. I really like the colors on you. It's a stressful time, and I'm sorry about your grandma. Take it easy.

  • Joy replied 9 years ago

    You look warm and approachable with a casual flair...someone I'd like to sit down and chat with over a cup of tea or have teach me knitting. The shawl with the brilliant blue top is so pretty on you.
    Your little tot looks adorable.

  • amiable replied 9 years ago

    Don't know how I missed this thread yesterday, but you really do look completely wonderful in this.  You are vibrant in these colors!  

    It took me a while to not hate how I look in WIW shots too.    And don't wait until you like the way your body looks to enjoy style and take pics - I've found very much that this community has helped me get over my perceived body flaws and love and dress the body that I have right now.

    But you really do look beautiful and vibrant here.

    (And I love how your little photobomber does the same thing my little photobombers do... glad he's feeling better!)

    Thanks for taking the time to be a part here even though life is both difficult and hectic right now!

  • JAileen replied 9 years ago

    Your shawl is gorgeous!

  • Beth Ann replied 9 years ago

    Missed this thread, but I'm glad it got bumped!

    The color of your top is gorgeous and blends with the fab shawl. Your hair is shiny, your skin is luminous and you have a great smile. 

     Your camera angle here is high.  That, and the child in front of you, makes your upper body more prominent and your lower body recede.  Is this what you didn't like?  Cameras tell "a" truth, but not "the" truth.   I have to use a lower (navel height) camera placement to get my whole body in a shot from my tiny bedroom.  I have to realize that this tends to highlight my midsection. Aargh!  I like to use my iPhone, on an app with a timer.  I just stand it on a box on a nightstand, set the timer and step back.

    I don't know if my method will work for you, but I think it helps to develop a way to take outfit pics that is consistent --- you can compare the look of jacket A to jacket B because the photo is in the same place, taken the same way.

    As for the stresses in your life, I hope you rest and are kind to yourself as you move through them.

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