First handknit sweater for autumn

It's still too warm to wear this (at least for a full day), but I actually had this finished last month, so I guess I should probably post, eh? 

This was kind of an experimental sweater. (Is it a wildcard if you make it yourself?) I wasn't sure how it would look on me, as designed, but I knit it anyway. And I was right: As designed, I hated it. But then I ripped back, reknit it to add 7 or 8 inches of length to the body, and I think I'll get some wear out of it, this way.

I know everyone's been saying they're over waterfall cardigans, so I feel pretty silly posting a new one (which I think is part of why I've had these photos sitting here for 12 days before actually sharing them here). But I do think there's a place for this sweater in my wardrobe. The sleeve length and lace fabric (not to mention worn open aspect) makes it good transitional season wear, and the flowy, drapey — dare I say flouncy? — fit my aesthetic, I think. 

What do you think? 

Knitterly details: 
Pattern: Hitofude
My Ravelry project page


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Pick one: Moto or combat boots?

I'm hoping to add one pair of boots to my closet this year. I adore boots and would love to add more than one pair, but it's just not doable right now, all at once. 

You can see the entirety of my boot wardrobe below (heh). 

I've long loved both the classic Dr. Martens laceup boots and moto/engineer boots, but I've never owned either. I think both/either would add some much-needed edge/toughness to my wardrobe. 

Things I want: leather, traction, edge. I'm shopping in the men's department, so there aren't as many choices (which might be OK, since I'm stymied right now over this beginning question, not to mention all the myriad specific choices). Mostly (if not exclusively) for wearing with jeans.

Potentially complicating factors: I don't see myself tucking pants into any of the boots, nor scrunching above them, and certainly not showing skin between the top of the boot and the end of the pants. I'm a bootcut and flares kind of girl, and at the moment I'm not sure it's worth trying to find skinnies or leggings that fit and that I like. Which means I might lose the metal details that give the moto boots edge, as they'd be covered by the jeans.

So. Thoughts? Advice? What would you do?


WIW: Long cardi from the last time around

Another quick early morning appointment, another excuse for a topper.

I've had this topper since the last time long soft cardigans were in stores. I thought I'd purged it, but it was still in my closet. I know it's probably showing its not-currentness — that tie! — but I still like the length and the bell sleeves, so I threw it on over a tank this morning.

I'll be knitting a more modern take on a long cardigan pretty soon, but in the meantime ...

It feels weird to be wearing toppers over tanks; I know it's not exactly uncommon in more of a business suit context, but it feels odd to me. However, it does seem to suit (Ha!) these days' temperature swings.

Oh, and I finally tried out my phone camera's timer function, and you can see the back half of Maisie in that last photo.

Soft brown topper
aqua tank
slim bootcut jeans
Birkentstock Habana Odessa sandals


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WIW: For a cool morning

I dressed this morning for the predicted high in the 80°s, donning my handknit asymmetrical burgundy tank, jeans and sandals. And then I realized [near-daily headaches have my foggy-brained, but that's why I was leaving the house] that we've been having some cool mornings lately. I checked the current temp, and realized I didn't want to go outside in 53° weather without sleeves. So I added my jean jacket, and rolled its sleeves. 

Of course, it was up to 70° by the time I got home less than an hour later, but still.

I had DH snap the photos when I was picking up my son before heading home after my appointment, hence the unusual backdrop. And I promise my face isn't actually fuchsia.

I'm almost giddy that it's nearly layering weather, for real!

Thoughts, suggestions? How would you improve this?


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Wrap skirt the first finally came!

I was so excited to discover these sari silk wrap skirts, I ordered a knee-length one immediately, even though I really wanted a long one, because the long ones were temporarily out of stock. 

Within the next week, the long ones were back available (but with a long wait), and I ordered one of those, too. 

The first one finally came this weekend. What do you think?


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On the journey: Some questions

This is probably rambling and might not make any sense. But ... deep breaths ... here goes.

How do you learn/know/discover that a new-to-you silhouette is a good fit? Does the process necessarily include missteps, including financial ones? Is there a way to learn these things without making mistakes? I’d like to think I’m not just looking for short cuts, but rather that a) I’m risk averse b) I dislike making mistakes c) I want to do things the right way. This seems especially difficult as slow-and-steady weight loss has me in a constantly changing body, so I’m not even all that familiar with its actuality.

I’m thinking a minimal capsule-esque wardrobe is the ideal (I don’t think I’ll ever want a large wardrobe), but at the same time, I keep wanting to branch into new things, silhouettes I haven’t ever worn, or ones that I’m not sure will be flattering on my current body. But multiple silhouettes in a as small as possible temporary wardrobe gets complicated, and I like simple.

Example: I’ve never worn skinny jeans. Or leggings. First, I’ve fully embrace boot cuts (and flares, when they’re around). I’ve always liked wide-legged trousers, too, although I don’t have any right now. I like how boot cuts and flares balance out my proportions, and I like the movement, too. But with all today's tops styles being so fluid and oversized (ack, '80s!), since I’m not terribly comfortable with volume over volume, I’m back to the possibility of skinnies. And then I see Jenn mentioning her new burgundy skinnies, which as she loses weight will transition to “girlfriend jeans,” and since I’m also losing weight, that relative longevity makes sense. Or do I continue to ignore/buck the trends (something I’m perfectly fine with) and continue highlighting my smallest point with more fitted shirts and stick to wider pants?

Example 2: Jersey skirts. It’s the fabric that makes the most sense for a less expensive skirt, particularly given my desire to ban all synthetics from my life. But will it be too clingy over my pear hips? And does the shape of the skirt make a difference, or is the material just a no-go?

I know trying on some pieces is a way to get more information, but will it be enough information to actually make a good decision? Time to go try on (and contemplate) is limited with a little one, as are choices, locally.

I do, however, admit that I’m impatient. I want to be there, already. ;) I think I’ve done a lot of the mental work, of figuring out where I want to go, but I’m having trouble either figuring out what should come next, or actually taking that step.

It’s hard to bring a wardrobe up to snuff while really not want to spend much money on pieces that (if everything continues as it has the past 6+ months) I won’t be able to wear more than one season, if that long. Is it even possible? Or should I just shove all these thoughts and feelings down again and focus on the rest of life — the weight loss, the family, etc. — until I’m in a more stable place, size wise?


An outfit of almosts: Burgundy and purple ETA another option

Today is our anniversary date. We're going to the Museum of Nebraska Art and then out for Italian for dinner. Casual, but I want to look nice. 

I had the idea of wearing this top (just a titch too warm in color for me, but I think it works, and I wish it was natural fibers, but it has worked for the occasional wear), and since it's fitted I opted for the loose jeans, which require the belt. 

I tried the top out and faux tucked.

I put in amethyst and gold studs (not that they show with my hair); my amethyst ring didn't fit on my right hand, so I stacked it on my left hand. 

The pendant would be a good fit, except the length is completely wrong. 

The shawlette would be nice, but I'm not one of those people who need to cover up for a/c, which makes it too warm for today's 90° (32°C). 

(I'll do my face, but we're not leaving until after lunch, so I'll do that later.)

I'm tempted to just start over, but I don't have another idea. I wish one of my sari silk wrap skirts had arrived. Alas.


Someday my closet will work for me. How long will it take, do you think?


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WI'mW-ing: Pattern, and new specs

Sorry for the bad/blurry photos today.

I rarely wear pattern, but I'm inextricably drawn to paisley-type designs. I'm happy to have this familiar silhouette on, and I'm liking my hair today, and the injection of color isn't hurting, either. High happiness here.

The magenta is just a tad too bright for me to wear comfortably some days, but I feel like I've been stuck in medium blue for so many days (apparently all my looser tops are that color) that I'm happy to wear something different.

New specs, too. I ditched the former new eyeglasses because we couldn't get them to fit right and I couldn't get comfortable with the visual heaviness on my face. I like these better, already more comfortable seeing them on my face. The "turquoise/aqua" (per the manufacturer) read as mint when I wore a top that color, but it matched perfectly with an aqua top the next day.

(ETA: And here you can see my specs from the last year.)

Any thoughts, comments, suggestions? 


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ISO: Loose, flowy tops

The need for more flow-y, loose-fitting tops converged in my head with my YLF discovery of linen tees. I've spent the last several hours searching for linen or cotton (natural fibers, at least!) tees or tanks, hoping to get them for cheap ... 

Are these linen tees woven or knit fabric? I haven't been able to discern this. Is the fabric sheer? Because that kind of defeats the purpose, for me.

Where have you found them? I'm not having that much luck in the 5-6 stores I've checked so far.

In sum: 

ISO: v-neck or scoop neck; loose, flow-y; natural fibers; pullovers; suitable for a long-torsoed gal. 


Ask Angie (and all): Tapered jeans? ETA: A different look

On a whim this morning I pulled a new pair of jeans off my shelf. DH bought them on a whim a month ago or so, fully expecting them to not work at all. They were on deep discount, and they fit well enough that we figured, eh, keep, for laundry day, at least. As of this morning, my weight's come down enough that they don't have a muffin top anymore (yay!), but I just realized they're tapered. I don't think I've worn tapered pants in a decade, even longer for tapered jeans. (I love bootcuts and flairs!) So it's an unfamiliar silhouette.

Am I just not used to it, or is it really as unflattering as I think it is? 

Is it better rolled, or left alone?

And the top semi-tucked, or worn out? 

P.S. And apparently today's the day DS couldn't hold off and had to photobomb.

P.P.S. The belt required the smallest hole for these jeans. Any tips on how to add holes to a simple one-layer leather belt? 


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