New Specs

After hearing echoes of how the top I posted yesterday matched my eyeglass frames, today I picked up my new frames. (I have to laugh, right?)

I generally get new frames every year or so, and I like to switch it up. 


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WIW: New summer knit top

I feel a bit like an imposter because here I am posting and I haven't been around in ages (although I've lurked and read some the past few months, but enough about that, let's get to the clothes, shall we? 

I knit this top out of cotton reclaimed from a thrifted sweater. (details about the pattern, etc., on Ravelry, here.

1) Does it work? I'm new to the volume-on-top thing, and this intentionally has positive ease.
2) What would you change, if anything? About the top, about the outfit? 
3) I'm hoping to make at least one more summer top, and I can't decide. Should I go more fitted? Is a halter top (is that even the right term? racerback?) a really bad idea?

Here are the patterns I'm most considering.


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