Where do you look for inspiration?

Obviously, inspiration can be found anywhere and everywhere. I'm that way with some areas of life, but I'm not there with my wardrobe, at least not at this point. I've struggled to visually pin down what I'd like to aim for because whenever I look, it's just more of the same, and that's not what I want. 

Am I lacking the lingo for what I envision, so I can't find it when I search? I'm hoping I'm just not looking in the right places.

Surely I'm not so fringe that no one else is doing it? (Although I certainly don't find it in stores ...) I can't draw, so conveying it that way would take a while.

I want to be boho, but practical. I strongly prefer natural fibers. I love color and texture. I love wearing my handknits, but sometimes I fear they add several decades to my age (lace shawls, hmm).