My Style Statement

I’m not trendy or fashion forward and that isn’t a goal of mine. I want to dress to express me, and if that fits with what everyone else is doing, that’s fine, but that’s not a desire.

I love boho — long flowy skirts, flat shoes, long necklaces, natural fibers, bootcuts, flares, wide leg pants, floppy hats, long cardigans, tunics. I like the Free People stuff, but I need much more color than that. I don’t like fringe, feathers or pussy bows, though.

I like color. I look good in some pastels, but I shy away from them because they’re too soft. I’ve started to think I much prefer tertiary colors: teal, aqua, yellow-green, red-violet: all colors that combine cool and warm.

I love natural fibers. I wear them almost exclusively. Polyester and acrylic make me itch. (So do metals other than gold, and maybe platinum.) I think what Eva (thecharmofit) said on an earlier thread about this, that I’m probably somewhere around the Yin Natural / Romantic Natural area.

I love wabi sabi. Visible mending. Lots of Asian art inspires me. I love handmade things. I value that work.

I like asymmetry.

I’m picky about pattern, at least on my top half. Organic, asymmetrical, and paisley are things that will make me like a pattern.

I think there’s also a place for whimsy in my wardrobe, but it’s quite unpredictable, and I often shy away for reasons I haven’t been able to articulate.

My lifestyle is casual, and it’s likely to remain that way. I live in jeans. I live in a four-season climate. I require my clothes to be practical. I don’t like fussy clothing.

I love layering, but that’s mostly impossible in the summer. I’m a much happier dresser in autumn and winter, but I still don’t feel like I’ve fully expressed who I am, what I want to express, most of the time.

I think there’s an artsy element to who I am that doesn’t often come through. I haven’t always been aware of this as part of me, I’m somewhat recently acknowledging this aspect of myself.

I’m bookish, too, but I don’t think that always comes through (I love tweed, and elbow patches, I wear glasses; for me I think this is potentially related to the whimsy I mentioned.

Because of my size [Amiable described this as my body being soft, which may be more on point.] combined with wearing my hand knits — especially shawls but not exclusively — I fear I’m sometimes seen as much older than I am — dare I say matronly? Grandma? Invisible. I really dislike people seeing me and instantly assuming they know everything about me, and that’s happened for most of my life, but I don’t like it. I’d like people to understand from my clothes that they can’t easily stick me in a cubbyhole and feel like they know me based on how I look. Or at least not a sweet, safe, boring, neutral, staid cubbyhole.

To this end, I want to add some edge to my look. Which is why I plan to get some black combat-style stompy boots this fall. But it’s been tough to figure out what else I can add without straying into territory that just isn’t me. Black isn’t a great color for me to wear by my face.

The only other thing I’ve thought of that will probably work is a leather bracelet of some kind. (I’m thinking one that wraps around a bunch, rather than a more rigid cuff, although is that potentially another option?)

I also like moto/engineer boots and I’d love a moto jacket. I haven’t found one yet, though. And it might have to wait until I’m at a stable size, since I don’t really want to buy one and then have it not fit.

I’m thinking of buying all my footwear in the men’s department. The wideness of my forefoot has been determined, and combined with my high arch and shunning of heels, I don’t think it would be a hardship (except for maybe sandals, but Birks are working at this point).

I am not: sporty, luxe or otherwise; classic; trendy; maximal; neutral; prim; earthy; cutesy; pristine; nautical; girly.

I’m currently: colorful; casual; handmade; natural fibers; comfortable; utilitarian; modest; RATE.

I’d like to be: colorful; natural fibers; casual; floaty; handmade; boho/70s; comfortable; practical; modest; edgy/urban; rocker/grunge; steampunk; unexpected; RATE; fun.

So. Am I on the right track? Any specifics that will help me get where I’m going? Thoughts?


First handknit sweater for autumn

It's still too warm to wear this (at least for a full day), but I actually had this finished last month, so I guess I should probably post, eh? 

This was kind of an experimental sweater. (Is it a wildcard if you make it yourself?) I wasn't sure how it would look on me, as designed, but I knit it anyway. And I was right: As designed, I hated it. But then I ripped back, reknit it to add 7 or 8 inches of length to the body, and I think I'll get some wear out of it, this way.

I know everyone's been saying they're over waterfall cardigans, so I feel pretty silly posting a new one (which I think is part of why I've had these photos sitting here for 12 days before actually sharing them here). But I do think there's a place for this sweater in my wardrobe. The sleeve length and lace fabric (not to mention worn open aspect) makes it good transitional season wear, and the flowy, drapey — dare I say flouncy? — fit my aesthetic, I think. 

What do you think? 

Knitterly details: 
Pattern: Hitofude
My Ravelry project page


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An outfit of almosts: Burgundy and purple ETA another option

Today is our anniversary date. We're going to the Museum of Nebraska Art and then out for Italian for dinner. Casual, but I want to look nice. 

I had the idea of wearing this top (just a titch too warm in color for me, but I think it works, and I wish it was natural fibers, but it has worked for the occasional wear), and since it's fitted I opted for the loose jeans, which require the belt. 

I tried the top out and faux tucked.

I put in amethyst and gold studs (not that they show with my hair); my amethyst ring didn't fit on my right hand, so I stacked it on my left hand. 

The pendant would be a good fit, except the length is completely wrong. 

The shawlette would be nice, but I'm not one of those people who need to cover up for a/c, which makes it too warm for today's 90° (32°C). 

(I'll do my face, but we're not leaving until after lunch, so I'll do that later.)

I'm tempted to just start over, but I don't have another idea. I wish one of my sari silk wrap skirts had arrived. Alas.


Someday my closet will work for me. How long will it take, do you think?


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Ask Angie (and all): Tapered jeans? ETA: A different look

On a whim this morning I pulled a new pair of jeans off my shelf. DH bought them on a whim a month ago or so, fully expecting them to not work at all. They were on deep discount, and they fit well enough that we figured, eh, keep, for laundry day, at least. As of this morning, my weight's come down enough that they don't have a muffin top anymore (yay!), but I just realized they're tapered. I don't think I've worn tapered pants in a decade, even longer for tapered jeans. (I love bootcuts and flairs!) So it's an unfamiliar silhouette.

Am I just not used to it, or is it really as unflattering as I think it is? 

Is it better rolled, or left alone?

And the top semi-tucked, or worn out? 

P.S. And apparently today's the day DS couldn't hold off and had to photobomb.

P.P.S. The belt required the smallest hole for these jeans. Any tips on how to add holes to a simple one-layer leather belt? 


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Ask Angie: Tops on the bias

I know skirts on the bias are a big no-no for pears (I found YLF and read Angie's advice about how to dress and not dress these shapes after I made several bias linen skirts so I can attest to that, even when they're A-line, alas), but what about tops on the bias? Is bias always bad for these bodies? Or would a woven tank cut on the bias be OK?