WIW to Grandma's funeral

Last week was crazy and chaotic. I meant to get photos, but in all the rushing I mostly didn't get them taken. DH did snap this one after the service, though (and before the graveside). 

What with the child carrying and the cropped photo, you can't see the full outfit, but: 

Black wide leg trousers, with black heeled penny loafers. 

Notes: This was a very rural/country funeral. I gave the eulogy and was dressed completely appropriately. The tot has a button-down shirt on, but the jacket was needed for warmth outside. My wool/silk shawl kept me warm enough, though.


WIW and hate the pics of ...

 ... but thought I'd done well with at the time.

Ugh. On Friday I went to a friend's house to teach some other moms to knit and crochet. All the non-school-age kids were there, too. I wanted to look knitterly and vibrant, and I thought I actually looked at least decent.

For a variety of reasons, I didn't actually see the photos until this morning (reinstalled OS, Grandma in the hospital dying, family coming and going, sick tot ...). 

It was cold, so I wore a jacket, too, for the coming and going (not pictured).

I guess I'm out of words for the moment, so here you go. 


WIW, the first

I found this site last week, and was immediately down the rabbit hole, consumed. The reading I did that day (last Tuesday, I think) gave me the idea to pair this (hand crocheted, years ago) skinny scarf for both the somewhat bolder color and maybe a hint of a V over the pastel (I realized I've kind of quit wearing pastels, which I used to look fab in; maybe I'm just over it, or maybe my hair darkening has made them less ideal?) crew neck, which I wasn't very happy with when I donned it.

I put the scarf on to take the tot and head to a friend's house for a play date slash knitting and adult conversation time.

Did my fix work, at least partially? Other thoughts?

(I'm still figuring out how to take pix if they happen after DH leaves for work ...)