Navy and cream, two ways

This first one, which I'm wearing today, my son called an angel outfit. An angel shirt, and angel boots. 

This hi-low embroidered tunic top is one that had been in the holding zone for a very long time. I'd loved it so much that I saved it through years of it not fitting. And now it fits again, yay! And look: I said I didn't like fringe, no way no how, and here I am happily wearing fringe. :) The jeans are cream colored wide legged, new to me, acquired pretty much exclusively because I have several dark blue tops and sweaters and wearing a column of dark blue makes me melancholy (so wearing them with dark-wash jeans is out). I really wanted oatmeal or cream socks, but alas! Wardrobe hole (note to self). So blue stripes had to suffice.

The second one I took the photos of a few weeks ago (but I didn't actually wear it; it hasn't been cool enough for this sweater yet). Newest handknit sweater, a simple v-neck with three-quarter length sleeves.

I might not wear these cream colored jeans with anything but dark blue, but I'm guessing even if not, I'll get a decent amount of wear out of them.


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Lusting after Fluevogs

Amy's thoughts about my edge actually being arty included the idea of Fluevogs.

I've long loved the look of Fluevogs, all the cool people in my world wear them. But I associate them with heels, which aren't practical for my life. And I need that wider width. But I indulged the thought and went browsing. See first two Finds. And quickly became obsessed.

The closest place I can try them on in person is more than 400 miles away. And the brand is not available on Zappos. 

I found these on Amazon (second two Finds): Not as exciting, but would allow me to try them on, and free returns. 



What is "arty"?

When I initially filled out my profile here, I chose fashion personas of Artistic Eclectic and Bohemian Hippie. It's taken me years of evolution, but I do think of myself as an artist, and I think that's part of what drew me to that first persona. But I don't think I know it really means, in terms of style, still. 

I've emphasized the Bohemian side since I've been here, since I know what that means, and since it doesn't make me feel like a poser. 

Amiable asked me today if the hard edge, toughness, I seek could actually be arty-ness. And I think it's certainly possible. 

What do you think? What is arty / artistic eclectic? And does it fit me, or am I fooling myself?


WIW Kismet

I love this shirt, except that it's a little bit short and the bracelet-length sleeves really bug me. [Does anyone else have wardrobe items like that? With excepts? What do you do?] I "solved" the second problem here by scrunching the sleeves. (It doesn't tolerate very much scrunching, but it's working OK so far this morning). And the first was somewhat lessened by wearing a belt. Anyway, the patterning and overlapping pieces always remind me a bit of tattoos, so it somehow feels both pretty and tough. (And I don't think I've ever met a paisley I didn't love.)

It felt like everything came together perfectly on this one. The shirt background matches the boots, the rose stitching on the boots matches the shirt, and I got to wear never-worn lace-and-cables (with beads!) socks. I know the stitching on the boots and the socks don't show when it's worn this way, but still. These details add to my happiness with this outfit. Which was high. :)

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?

Worn here with: 
Vigoss bootcuts
brown Justin belt
Nocono boots
handknit beaded socks
lafont specs


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Another questionable pair of jeans I got on my latest shopping trip. I've never worn skinnies before. I'm clueless. 

Question 1: Do they fit? How do they look? Since I've never worn them, I have no idea what criteria to go by.

Question 2: Are they me? Do I care if they fit? Maybe I'm so firmly entrenched in bootcuts (and flares, and sometimes wide leg) land that I can safely continue avoiding this silhouette.


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My Style Statement

I’m not trendy or fashion forward and that isn’t a goal of mine. I want to dress to express me, and if that fits with what everyone else is doing, that’s fine, but that’s not a desire.

I love boho — long flowy skirts, flat shoes, long necklaces, natural fibers, bootcuts, flares, wide leg pants, floppy hats, long cardigans, tunics. I like the Free People stuff, but I need much more color than that. I don’t like fringe, feathers or pussy bows, though.

I like color. I look good in some pastels, but I shy away from them because they’re too soft. I’ve started to think I much prefer tertiary colors: teal, aqua, yellow-green, red-violet: all colors that combine cool and warm.

I love natural fibers. I wear them almost exclusively. Polyester and acrylic make me itch. (So do metals other than gold, and maybe platinum.) I think what Eva (thecharmofit) said on an earlier thread about this, that I’m probably somewhere around the Yin Natural / Romantic Natural area.

I love wabi sabi. Visible mending. Lots of Asian art inspires me. I love handmade things. I value that work.

I like asymmetry.

I’m picky about pattern, at least on my top half. Organic, asymmetrical, and paisley are things that will make me like a pattern.

I think there’s also a place for whimsy in my wardrobe, but it’s quite unpredictable, and I often shy away for reasons I haven’t been able to articulate.

My lifestyle is casual, and it’s likely to remain that way. I live in jeans. I live in a four-season climate. I require my clothes to be practical. I don’t like fussy clothing.

I love layering, but that’s mostly impossible in the summer. I’m a much happier dresser in autumn and winter, but I still don’t feel like I’ve fully expressed who I am, what I want to express, most of the time.

I think there’s an artsy element to who I am that doesn’t often come through. I haven’t always been aware of this as part of me, I’m somewhat recently acknowledging this aspect of myself.

I’m bookish, too, but I don’t think that always comes through (I love tweed, and elbow patches, I wear glasses; for me I think this is potentially related to the whimsy I mentioned.

Because of my size [Amiable described this as my body being soft, which may be more on point.] combined with wearing my hand knits — especially shawls but not exclusively — I fear I’m sometimes seen as much older than I am — dare I say matronly? Grandma? Invisible. I really dislike people seeing me and instantly assuming they know everything about me, and that’s happened for most of my life, but I don’t like it. I’d like people to understand from my clothes that they can’t easily stick me in a cubbyhole and feel like they know me based on how I look. Or at least not a sweet, safe, boring, neutral, staid cubbyhole.

To this end, I want to add some edge to my look. Which is why I plan to get some black combat-style stompy boots this fall. But it’s been tough to figure out what else I can add without straying into territory that just isn’t me. Black isn’t a great color for me to wear by my face.

The only other thing I’ve thought of that will probably work is a leather bracelet of some kind. (I’m thinking one that wraps around a bunch, rather than a more rigid cuff, although is that potentially another option?)

I also like moto/engineer boots and I’d love a moto jacket. I haven’t found one yet, though. And it might have to wait until I’m at a stable size, since I don’t really want to buy one and then have it not fit.

I’m thinking of buying all my footwear in the men’s department. The wideness of my forefoot has been determined, and combined with my high arch and shunning of heels, I don’t think it would be a hardship (except for maybe sandals, but Birks are working at this point).

I am not: sporty, luxe or otherwise; classic; trendy; maximal; neutral; prim; earthy; cutesy; pristine; nautical; girly.

I’m currently: colorful; casual; handmade; natural fibers; comfortable; utilitarian; modest; RATE.

I’d like to be: colorful; natural fibers; casual; floaty; handmade; boho/70s; comfortable; practical; modest; edgy/urban; rocker/grunge; steampunk; unexpected; RATE; fun.

So. Am I on the right track? Any specifics that will help me get where I’m going? Thoughts?


WIW: New grey jeans

One of the things I got when I was thrifting with Amy (Amiable) on Tuesday was this pair of grey jeans. I knew when I bought them they might be problematic, but after I put them on today I realized it might be worse than I'd anticipated. 

The problem? Footwear. I don't have any black shoes or boots, just sandals (see #1). But most of the year isn't sandal weather, so what then? I was skeptical about them going with my taupe boots. I do plan to get some stompy black boots, but I don't have them yet. But the boot issue became moot once I tried them on today: They're too short for boots.

Do they work with these flat brown shoes (#2), or did I make a mistake? Should I keep them? 

(Worn here with my burgundy handknit Maderia tank.)


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Seasons and Nature Challenge #2

I had DH snap a photo (outside (#2-4) in a hurry this morning, and then as I was out and about I just kept thinking of all the little details I'd missed / not gotten around to thinking about to help it reflect (heh) this photo for the challenge. Sigh. 

So when I got home I tried again (inside, #1). 

Still not thrilled with this interpretation; others have done it so much better! I do think I'm happy with the outfit, though; I'd planned to wear my soft brown maxi cardi for the brown tones (and the lace at the cuff might echo the small feather shapes, I thought), but by kismet I ran across this long forgotten handknit shawl and threw it on instead.

I added lipstick, a navy bracelet, white earrings and my sunglasses for a bit refinement (maybe?).

Handknit hemp/cotton tank, Vigoss bootcuts, Nocona boots, handknit cotton shawl.


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Seasons and Nature Challenge #1

I decided to start with the first combination I wrote down for the Seasons and Nature Challenge. And I'm glad I did, because looking at the photo of me is calming my soul this morning. I selected the bright blue tee for the sky, the teal cardi for the back pool of water, the dark bootcuts for the shadowed rock surfaces, and the taupe boots for the sand.

Of course, it's not quite cool enough to wear this all day, but it was OK first thing in the morning, outside. :)

This combination — two big colors — felt like it required effort to pull off for about 30 seconds, and then it was just happy.


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Sari skirt with boots

I finally actually wore my sari silk skirt Friday. I paired it with this aqua tank for a tonal look, and then since it was cool, I finally got to wear my western boots, too! First official outing for both of those pieces.

I discovered a handknit cardi (from last year) that went pretty well, but I didn't end up actually wearing it — the boots gave me plenty of warmth for the day's temps — I didn't need wool (besides socks). As the weather continues to cool (if it does), I'm looking forward to wearing this with the sweater, though; I like it better that way.

This felt very experimental, maybe even daring when I put it on. But over the course of the day, I grew comfortable and liked it.

So, what do you say? Thoughts?

And my long skirt came this weekend, too! I'll be sharing it once I figure out what to wear with it. :)


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