Lusting after Fluevogs

Amy's thoughts about my edge actually being arty included the idea of Fluevogs.

I've long loved the look of Fluevogs, all the cool people in my world wear them. But I associate them with heels, which aren't practical for my life. And I need that wider width. But I indulged the thought and went browsing. See first two Finds. And quickly became obsessed.

The closest place I can try them on in person is more than 400 miles away. And the brand is not available on Zappos. 

I found these on Amazon (second two Finds): Not as exciting, but would allow me to try them on, and free returns. 



Pick one: Moto or combat boots?

I'm hoping to add one pair of boots to my closet this year. I adore boots and would love to add more than one pair, but it's just not doable right now, all at once. 

You can see the entirety of my boot wardrobe below (heh). 

I've long loved both the classic Dr. Martens laceup boots and moto/engineer boots, but I've never owned either. I think both/either would add some much-needed edge/toughness to my wardrobe. 

Things I want: leather, traction, edge. I'm shopping in the men's department, so there aren't as many choices (which might be OK, since I'm stymied right now over this beginning question, not to mention all the myriad specific choices). Mostly (if not exclusively) for wearing with jeans.

Potentially complicating factors: I don't see myself tucking pants into any of the boots, nor scrunching above them, and certainly not showing skin between the top of the boot and the end of the pants. I'm a bootcut and flares kind of girl, and at the moment I'm not sure it's worth trying to find skinnies or leggings that fit and that I like. Which means I might lose the metal details that give the moto boots edge, as they'd be covered by the jeans.

So. Thoughts? Advice? What would you do?


Wrap skirt the first finally came!

I was so excited to discover these sari silk wrap skirts, I ordered a knee-length one immediately, even though I really wanted a long one, because the long ones were temporarily out of stock. 

Within the next week, the long ones were back available (but with a long wait), and I ordered one of those, too. 

The first one finally came this weekend. What do you think?


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ISO: Loose, flowy tops

The need for more flow-y, loose-fitting tops converged in my head with my YLF discovery of linen tees. I've spent the last several hours searching for linen or cotton (natural fibers, at least!) tees or tanks, hoping to get them for cheap ... 

Are these linen tees woven or knit fabric? I haven't been able to discern this. Is the fabric sheer? Because that kind of defeats the purpose, for me.

Where have you found them? I'm not having that much luck in the 5-6 stores I've checked so far.

In sum: 

ISO: v-neck or scoop neck; loose, flow-y; natural fibers; pullovers; suitable for a long-torsoed gal. 


*The* boots

I returned the black boots because I finally acknowledged that they didn't fit. I took a different shopping companion, had a different sales associate, and came home with ones I'm (finally) really happy with! 

It's been a long time since I had rounded toe footwear, but I really like it on these, it makes them more feminine, I think.

I hadn't considered a color like this (the brand calls it "tan," but it doesn't exactly seem that to me; putty? taupe?), but I think it'll be versatile, and then when I get another (ha!) pair of non-Western boots, they'll still fill different roles. I'm hoping the light color will help me pull off the mid-calf height with a skirt, too, eventually.

I can't wait for the weather to cool off so I can really start wearing these!

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?


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Wrap skirts?

Is anyone familiar with this company, Darn Good Yarn

I'm waiting for answers to a couple questions, but I'm hoping I can get one of their sari silk wrap skirts and that it will be a good piece for me. 

I don't love wrap garments in general, but maybe this would work as I continue to lose weight, since it's adjustable? 

Another question. Is it still a good option even if I can't get an ankle length (34-inch) one (the other option is "just below knee"/24-inch? 


K/R: boots

I went looking for a belt, because my pants were falling down. And then we looked at boots. I was drawn in by the motorcycle boots, but they didn't really fit (too narrow). And then I ended up trying on a ton of boots and going home with a pair. 

But let me back up. I've wanted boots for years and years โ€” I started trying them on 10+ years ago, and I've never found ones that I liked and that fit. The footwear situation in my own closet reached a crisis point this past winter, when I didn't have a single pair of shoes that kept my feet dry in the snow/slush. I ordered a pair of snow boots, but they didn't fit and were returned.

Back to this summer: I liked these boots, but I wished they were black instead of brown. And then two days later I couldn't get them on without crying โ€” my feet were bruised on the top, whether from these or from trying on so many other too-small boots I wasn't sure.

But I returned them. And went looking in the men's department, because I had finally been told what I'd long suspected: my feet are wide (at least at the ball of my foot). I measured at an E width. Most of the men's were too narrow too (regular width of a mens shoe being D). They were happy to special order, though, and so we picked something out โ€” in black. The wide option available, though, was EE. They finally came in this week, and I brought them home. I can't decide if they fit. They're leather, so they'll stretch. But then will they be too big?

How do they look? I'm not a cowgirl, by any stretch, but I do like boots. And if I can't get knee-high all-leather boots that actually fit, I think I'm OK with western boots. How do you know if a shoe/boot fits, is comfortable before you've walked miles in them? 

I can't seem to find these at a retailer that will let me collect them, but here's a link: 


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